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We, at Prima Lead, try to provide the most cost effective technical solutions in the world of web and mobile application development. We own a highly advanced team of professionals who aim at meeting all the needs of our clients. Prima Lead is basically a part of about nine year old company, Rural Server which is involved and had been providing service in the field of cloud computing, processing of big data and website and application development.

We work with big and small companies

The basic activities are based on market based technological innovation which focus entirely on how the marketing option of the client company can be enriched by bringing in better leads. We look forward to offer best quality projects by making use of scientific and technological based knowledge. Our company owns a development team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have immense knowledge in coding. The entire team works in a collaborative manner producing exceptional codes meeting to the website standards.

Web Applications Leads0%
Ecommerce Leads0%
Android App And IOS APP Development Leads0%
CMS Upgradation And Redesign Old Websites0%
PSD To XHTML And WordPress Conversion Leads0%
Promotional Bulk Email Marketing Services0%

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The services provided from our end focuses primarily on two basic things, namely, the quality and the freshness of work. Our company makes use of perfect lead generation and conversion formulas which allow the employees to easily contact, communicate and qualify the business leads in an easy and hassle free manner. The highly professional working team directly connects with the business owners and make sure that they own a proper and healthy interest towards managing a well established website.


The next level

There is a number of actively working IT based companies providing best quality website and application based service meeting to the requirements of the various business and enterprises. We actively offer services and leads in the fields of software designing, website development and designing, search engine optimization along with media planning. At Prima Lead, we work with a highly developed team of professionals having technical proficiency and experience, working collaboratively to make efficient websites and apps. High quality databases, programming and coding are employed with dedicated efforts of the employees to increase the client base.

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We’ve perfected the process of contacting, communicating with, and qualifying business leads.

Lead qualification

We communicate directly with business owners, ensuring their interest in web design is sincere & motivated

We keep them fresh

All of our leads are fresh, ensuring that they are warm and interested when you make contact with them.


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